Brad’s Custom Roll Top

This weekend I’m traveling to DC to do the East Coast Messenger Stage Race. It’s a 6 day 500 mile stage race from Washington, DC to Boston, MA. For this trip I needed to design myself a new backpack; specifically for holding my gear and clothing as well as tools and other necessities. I’ve had some ideas in my head for a few weeks now that I’ve wanted to implement, and I just needed a reason to make a new bag for myself, and this race was that reason!

Some of the features (buckles and clips) were added to aid my need to hold various items such as: a sleeping bag/pad, wheel set, and water bottles. Now don’t get the idea that I’m going to be racing with this backpack on. This bag is just to aid with holding my items getting there; while I’m on the bike, my bag will be tucked inside the support vehicle at each city. First city is DC, and then we race up to Baltimore. On day two we go from Baltimore to Philadelphia, day three Philly to NYC, day four NYC to New Haven, day five New Haven to Providence, and the final day 6 is Providence to Boston.

This is going to be a pretty strenuous race, so I hope everyone out there is rooting for me! Because I’ll be gone for a week, that means that production will be slowing down, but not at a complete halt. Brianna will still be at the shop keeping things under control. (Thanks Bri!)

If you’re interested in a bag like mine where you can carry wheel sets, and other large packages with utility straps, please feel free to contact us via the the form below:

OR, if you want to wish me good luck, shoot us an email! ;)


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