San Diego or BUST!

We are back from an awesome weekend!

As some of you may know, this past Sunday was the Fall 2012 San Diego Veloswap hosted by the San Diego Velodrome Association! We worked extra hard in the week leading up to this event; so many hours of overtime spent cutting and sewing that we couldn’t wait to hop on our bikes and ride south. We had quite the load alright! Brad was totally front loaded with all of our goods (about 50 of our accessories and 3 of our backpacks). He rode his carbon CX bike with a aluminum front fork to sustain the weight. I had my rear totally loaded (with all of our personal goods) for the weekend.

Our friend Alvin from Mobbin’ Monday rides etc. also joined our weekend adventure ride. He wore a loaded backpack the whole way! Whatta champ. It was a beautiful ride down the 101 all the way from downtown Long Beach and into San Diego. No bike malfunctions and perfect weather! We also scored on $1 tamales in Oceanside (yessss).

Once in town, we were so fortunate to be housed by our friends Ken and Jennifer of the San Diego Bike Kitchen, Bikes del Pueblo. Not only were they awesome hosts, but they have been a supporter of Road Runner from the beginning. Cheers to rad people in all places!

We had a lot of fun at the swap meet! We got to see a lot of old faces and meet a lot of new ones. It was a painfully hot day, but I think everyone in the velodrome would think that overall the experience was definitely worth it. We met our goals and got to reach out to a lot of new people. Since the last swap meet, we now have so many more new products, so it was awesome to show and tell with everyone who stopped by. Thanks again everyone for the support and positive vibes! Until next time, SD Veloswap! <3

Check out some  pictures from our trip!:

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