The “Drafter” Saddle Bag!

Check out our newly revised Saddle Bag. We just changed a few small things to the bag to make it better, more stream-line, and more aero, haha.

Ok so we have toiling with the idea of an actual Saddle Bag. We call it “The Drafter!” Something simple yet very functional. Also we wanted something that will always perform 100% just like us! Hah!

You see there is a reflective light loop. Now when I’m riding at night I have to attach my light to my jersey pocket. Once it fell of, so we added the feature to save some trouble.

Also we use a 1″ strip of Nylon Webbing ensure supreme strength when cinching the bag to the saddle!
You simply loop the webbing through the rails of your saddle, then string the webbing through the black plastic “ladder-lock”.

Easy as cake!

Still only $30!

We are using a Rip-Stop Nylon liner instead of the previous version which had Truck Tarp vinyl. This makes the bag more flexible. We also use a different strap method to fit a larger variety of Saddles and cinch down more easily. Lastly, we added 1″ to the length so you can hold a tad more.
You can read more up on the drafter on our webstore:


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