Large Roll Top Back Pack

$135 USD!

**Key Features**

—>Front Pocket (comprised of 2 pockets that fit a water bottle and most U-locks)
—>Document pocket with a water proof zipper (Oh so fancy!)
—>Padded Back with awesome diamond design (customizable designs possible! Let us stitch your dogs face! Only $15 extra)
—>1/4″ Padded Straps
—>Side U-Lock Holster ($8 extra)
—>Side release buckles at the end of each strap
—>High visibility reflective strips (optional)
—>Blinky Light Loop (2x) (located on front pen pocket)
—>Compression straps ($12 extra)
—>Laptop sleeve ($10 extra)
—>Side Water bottle Pocket ($10 extra)
—>Waist stability Straps ($15 extra)
—>Secret Zipper Sleeve located on front side near opening of bag ($15 extra)
—>Custom Front Pocket with waterproof lid ($20 extra)
—>Chest/Sternum Strap
—>Carrying Strap

This is a BIG BAG. The size is equal to 54 liters in volume. The length is 26″ x 16″ x 8″.

This backpack is fully waterproof with the exception of the open topped front pocket. Your face may get soaked, but at least you can ride easy knowing that your stuff is dry and protected.

The Roll Top comes with a document pocket on the outside. Attached to that are two larger pockets that can hold a 20oz water bottle in each. The bag unrolled extends up to 26″ and can roll down to 19″. This bag has a padded backing to it that allows for ventilation; ride faster, sweat harder! The straps are made with heavy duty ripstop nylon with an aesthetically pleasing diamond pattern. They are also 1/2″ padded and the right strap has a key ring attached to it. The straps include a chest/sternum strap for added stability. One more thing- our straps also have a side release buckle at the end of each; instead of looping your arms through the hole of the strap, you have the option of a quick release buckle. Pretty nice, right?

*Note* All orders are made to order and are processed within 3+ weeks!

If you have any questions please email us @


For ordering a bag with the Secret Zipper Sleeve/ Custom Front Pocket with waterproof lid – Please contact us via the form below:

9 thoughts on “Large Roll Top Back Pack

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  4. Did you guys receive my request for a quote and my questions ? I’ve sent it about three weeks ago and still haven’t heard about you. Did I miss your e-mail ? Thanks for your answer ! :)

      • Oops, no ! I wrote you through the form on this page and I read now it’s only for some special requests.

        Can you find my question back this way or do you want me to ask it again through Gmail ?

        Anyway, sorry for the misunderstanding…

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