Messenger Bag Cell Pouch

This is a bag made for any style back pack, messenger bag, or belt!

$20 USD!

The holder is designed to fit all size cellphones, is weather proof, highly durable, and very stylish.

This holder can be attached to almost anything!
I’ve seen guys attach it to their stem, top tube, handle bars, seat rails, and like 1000 other things.

The strap is made with a silicone “gripper” and really “grips” what ever strap it to.

You will see many different colors and materials that I use for this bag. You can chose from any of the different 1000D Cordura colors, 8oz recycled Military Canvas, or the recycled Thomson Brand Bags.

I’m sure you will use this bag every day of your cycling life!

Never miss a call while riding again.

3 thoughts on “Messenger Bag Cell Pouch

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