Square Top Back Pack

$110 USD!

Get excited!!

Ok now where do I begin?

First off this is a soft pack. It is made from 4 layers of Cordura and one layer of Vinyl.
Pretty light weight. About 2 LBS

The back is padded with .25″ Foam..

The bag is equipped with one large pocket followed by 2 outer pockets. The outer pockets are deep enough to hold your RRB Saddle Bag and a 20oz water bottle a-lop of it!

It has a side U-Lock holster that can be used for a wide variety of things.

You can fit anything from your shoes to extra clothes and really anything else you can cram into those 2 pockets.

The shoulder straps are padded with .25″ compression foam. They are made from high strength Cordura Nylon and 2″ Nylon Webbing.

There is an adjustable Sternum Strap to aid stability and comfort.

The lid is held down by 2 one inch straps with side release buckles. The straps follow through all the way to the base of the bag so if you wanted to hold a skate board, or sleeping bag on the underside of the bag you can.

The lid is also held down by velco and the height can be varied by what you have in it.

The mouth of the bag is secured by a pull cord, which also makes it water proof.

If you choose the additional option of a waist straps, or compression strap; and would like a different color than black.. Please attach a note w/ paypal when you check out.


We also give all of our products a 1 year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the materials.

Feel free to contact us with any other additions you would like.

Get creative!

One thought on “Square Top Back Pack

  1. Hey could you send me a link for the pay pal .
    I’ll deposit the full for the bday bag.
    Thanks guys!

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