Water Proof Hip Bag

$30 USD!

Colors/ Styles
Black Cordura
Sunrise Coal Cordura
Coral Pink Cordura
Olive Drab Cordura
Fire Engine Red Cordura
Sand Stone Cordura
Dark Grey Cordura
Salvaged Reflective Vinyl
Camo Print Cordura
Camo (leaf print) Cordura
PBR Logo Hip Bag
Salvaged Military Canvas (+$3)**Belts are $17 extra!**

*Note* All orders are processed within 1-2 weeks.

A Hip Bag for one who cycles and needs a pouch to hold their cellphone, wallet, keys, iPod, tools, tube, pump and what ever else you can cram into it!
The bag is made from 1000D Cordura and 18oz Vinyl. Each bag is equipped with a key ring, dual belt straps, and u lock holster.

This bag has a U-Lock Holster that will fit any size U-Lock and is made perfectly to fit the Mini U.

L – 6″
W – 2″
H – 7″

It works great for the Urban cyclist and even the occasional Tour(ist)

Our bags are extremely durable and cyclist tested for maximum comfort and style.
They can either be worn on your belt, kept in your bag for tool use, or even connected to your messenger bag strap.

Also..we design, make, sew, craft, stick, glue, sell, and pin all of our bags. It is all done in our work shop here in Southern California. If you have any questions you can directly ask me:

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